F&J, the story of a Chinese business ghost

The Chinese group F&J has been present in Romania for over 20 years. AT least according to their own website: “F&J Europe, part of F&J Group, began operation on Romania market in the mid 90′s, forming one of the group’s strongest profit centres. Focused on the same businesses – timber, electronic products and household appliances, energy investments, construction and cigarettes producing, but also exploring new opportunities, F&J Europe soon becomes a solid production base and distribution centre.” The official presentation of the Chinese group F&J in Romania The previously quoted website mentions three Romanian companies owned by F&J: Lemnking Manufactory

Not so bright Chinese solar parks in Romania

Two Chinese men established a small group of companies operating in the field of renewable energy in Romania. But the Chinese solar parks in Romania are not big business. Zhang Chi owns Enertech Sun SRL, while Gao Jianjun – Euroasia Sun SRL. Most often operating together, the two own a few other companies activating in the field of solar energy. The companies are: Kentax Energy SRL, Reinvest Urziceni SRL, RC Development DVA RO SRL, Nord Solar Doba SRL, Ligovig Sun SRL. Citește și: No social-democrats in power, no success for China The first three manage photovoltaic parks in Bobicești, Olt, and

Smoking is not good for the financial health of China Tobacco

China Tobacco International Europe Company SRL (registered in Ilfov) is owned by companies registered in China. Which are as follows: China Tobacco Anhui Industrial Corporation (62%), Hongta Tobacco Group Co Ltd (Trust) (25,6%) and China Tobacco Shaanxi Industrial Co. Ltd. (12,3%). Big investment in China Tobacco International Europe Company SRL According to the company’s website, “China Tobacco International Europe Company, hereinafter referred as CTIEC is the only manufacturing plant of China National Tobacco cigarettes in Europe and so far the largest investment project in Romania owned by the Chinese government. In the CTIEC project of foundation from Romania, the Chinese

How Chinese state money takes over private businesses

The Chinese investment fund CEE Equity Partners “performed the payment towards Brise Group, one of the largest agribusiness groups in Romania, within the transaction announced in April, for modernizing and developing the grain silos belonging to the Romanian group. Part of the sum (25 million euros) are directed towards the new company established by Brise in partnership with CEE Equity Partners, while the other, 35 million euros, was granted for the targeted investments”, wrote ZF at the end of July 2019. The Competition Council report The newly-established company mentioned by ZF is Bristol Logistics SA. Over 76% of it is

Contract almost awarded to CCC by social-democrats, procedure cancelled by liberals

Contract almost awarded to CCC: the fate of an infrastructure project worth 1,36 billion euros, carried out by a Chinese company (in partnership with a Turkish one), was decided by a motion of no confidence. On October 10th, 2019, the government led by Viorica Dăncilă was dismissed through the vote of Romanian parliamentarians. Three days later, on October 13th, the Minister for Transport of that government (in office until the investiture of the new government), Răzvan Cuc, announced that the signing of the contract was a mere formality. Comarnic – Brașov highway, contract almost awarded to CCC He was referring

Chinese propaganda missed the pictures with Romanian high officials

Throughout Romania, China has spread the same propaganda topics used internationally: China is not guilty for the spread of the pandemic, China notified the occurrence of COVID-19 on time, that China’s methods of fighting against the coronavirus were correct (and do not breach or limit human rights), China is being attacked by other great powers (especially by the US) due to ideological reasons and China is supporting many countries around the globe with sanitary materials and the experience of its doctors. China’s main communication channel in Romania was the Facebook channel of the Embassy of China. The priority of the

Romania: no social-democrats in power, no success for China

The close relations with China were established during Romania’s communist period (1945 – 1989). As would be expected from an ideological point of view, the successor of the Romanian Communist Party, namely today’s Social Democratic Party, has been more sensible to the connection with the great Asian power than the politicians in Bucharest with other ideological orientations. Iliescu & Năstase The first wave of Chinese business came over the young Romanian capitalism in the ’90, when Romania was led by Ion Iliescu, a former member of the Romanian Communist Party led by Nicolae Ceaușescu until his execution, in December 1989.

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