COFCO, the billionaire grain trader

Until 2017, the company now called COFCO International România SRL was called Nidera România SRL. But one year before, the grain trader Nidera, owned by a Dutch family, became 100% the property of COFCO (prior, COFCO had bought 51% of Nidera for an amount estimated by the analysist for USD 2.4 billion). COFCO, the billionaire grain trader, is the largest grain trader in China and one of the most active world players on this market during the last years. COFCO, the billionaire grain trader from China COFCO expansion policy may be seen ongoing also in Romania, through COFCO International România

A giant steps in: Bank of China

Bank of China officially entered the Romanian market, as a branch of Bank of China Hungary, in December 2019, and marked the moment with a festive ceremony at the Bucharest Palace of the Parliament. According to data from the Ministry of Finances, the Romanian branch declared no activity in 2019. What’s Bank of China in Romania supposed to do The Branch from Bucharest is supposed to develop corporate activities only, to work with big companies only and to finance possible infrastructure projects, should they become effective in the future. For the moment, no such important project was notified. The ceremony

ZTE, Huawei’s very poor brother

Huawei’s very poor brother, ZTE România SRL, is owned, according to “The Official Gazette”, by “ZHONGXING COMMUNICATION (also known as ZTE CORPORATION, in English transliteration)”, as sole shareholder. The telecommunications company has solid business relations with national data and voice operators (such as RCS RDS, for example) and a greater role in the region than other ZTE representatives. Also read: No social-democrats in power, no success for China According to an announcement made by the company, ZTE opened a service centre for monitoring the telecom networks of 23 European states and has invested, until the end of 2015, a total of

Ilfov, the traditional Chinese trade base

Chinese trade is made in Ilfov. Traditionally, Ilfov county is the base of Chinese companies having trading businesses in Romania: from clothing and footwear to sanitary equipment and machinery. Chinese trade is made in Ilfov In Afumați, a locality in Ilfov, ten companies had revenues of 287 million lei (64 million euros) in the fiscal year 2018, the most important being Everpro International Construction SRL (with revenues of 86.2 million lei – 19 million euros, which sells bathroom sanitary ware and installations) and Giant Star SRL (with revenues of 81 million lei – 18 million euros, which sells doors and

Western cars, Chinese parts made in Romania

Chinese NBHX Rolem, active in Romania. NBHX Rolem SRL (Codlea, Brașov) is owned by the sole shareholder NBHX Automotive System GmbH Germany (represented, at least since 2018 until the present, by its manager, Fuqing Lin). Chinese NBHX Rolem, active in Romania NBHX Automotive System GmbH Germany is fully owned by Ningbo Huaxiang Electronic Co., Ltd. Shanghai. According to the website of the Chinese company, “As an international group corporation incorporated in 1988 and became a public listed company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2005, we specialize in designing, developing, producing, selling and after selling services of medium and high-end

The Lemnking of the business scams

Lemnking, a Chinese business scam, worked for many years in Romania due to authorities turning a blind eye to it. In 2004, the Social Democrat deputy Aurel Gubandru was proudly presenting within the Chamber of Deputies the effects of a visit in China made by Adrian Năstase, the social-democrat prime minister at that time. When Năstase visited China “The visit made by prime minister Adrian Năstase in the P. R. of China was truly successful in developing Romanian-Chinese relations, and its results will surely be quick to appear. (…) in the second part of February 2004, a delegation from the

F&J, the story of a Chinese business ghost

The Chinese group F&J has been present in Romania for over 20 years. AT least according to their own website: “F&J Europe, part of F&J Group, began operation on Romania market in the mid 90′s, forming one of the group’s strongest profit centres. Focused on the same businesses – timber, electronic products and household appliances, energy investments, construction and cigarettes producing, but also exploring new opportunities, F&J Europe soon becomes a solid production base and distribution centre.” The official presentation of the Chinese group F&J in Romania The previously quoted website mentions three Romanian companies owned by F&J: Lemnking Manufactory

Not so bright Chinese solar parks in Romania

Two Chinese men established a small group of companies operating in the field of renewable energy in Romania. But the Chinese solar parks in Romania are not big business. Zhang Chi owns Enertech Sun SRL, while Gao Jianjun – Euroasia Sun SRL. Most often operating together, the two own a few other companies activating in the field of solar energy. The companies are: Kentax Energy SRL, Reinvest Urziceni SRL, RC Development DVA RO SRL, Nord Solar Doba SRL, Ligovig Sun SRL. Citește și: No social-democrats in power, no success for China The first three manage photovoltaic parks in Bobicești, Olt, and

Smoking is not good for the financial health of China Tobacco

China Tobacco International Europe Company SRL (registered in Ilfov) is owned by companies registered in China. Which are as follows: China Tobacco Anhui Industrial Corporation (62%), Hongta Tobacco Group Co Ltd (Trust) (25,6%) and China Tobacco Shaanxi Industrial Co. Ltd. (12,3%). Big investment in China Tobacco International Europe Company SRL According to the company’s website, “China Tobacco International Europe Company, hereinafter referred as CTIEC is the only manufacturing plant of China National Tobacco cigarettes in Europe and so far the largest investment project in Romania owned by the Chinese government. In the CTIEC project of foundation from Romania, the Chinese

How Chinese state money takes over private businesses

The Chinese investment fund CEE Equity Partners “performed the payment towards Brise Group, one of the largest agribusiness groups in Romania, within the transaction announced in April, for modernizing and developing the grain silos belonging to the Romanian group. Part of the sum (25 million euros) are directed towards the new company established by Brise in partnership with CEE Equity Partners, while the other, 35 million euros, was granted for the targeted investments”, wrote ZF at the end of July 2019. The Competition Council report The newly-established company mentioned by ZF is Bristol Logistics SA. Over 76% of it is